3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again

    • Truthfully, I had to research Lucien Freud. I’m so glad I did! Thank you. Things in life are not always beautiful, yet he creates a balance of beauty with his use of vivid colors and talent. Do you think that often times artists seek to capture what they perceive as beautiful, and compromise honesty as a result?

      • It all began with Raphael. Sacrificing truth for beauty. The rather funny attempt of a few English artists in the 19th century to revert the art world back to truth (well, “romantic” truth at the time) spectacularly failed. Research preraphaelites. Even though they failed in their primary objective, they still created a lot of enjoyable things. Lucien Freud was all about the truth. For him, truth, essence of things = beauty. His famous sleeping fat woman was, in fact, a thing of beauty because he made her body look like something she carries around, and that’s some beauty of physics for you ) I think your question deserves a longer answer, and I will think of how to address it in a few posts I’ve planned for this month )

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