9 thoughts on “Still life in water color

    • Thank you! I’m trying to move away from the insanity of precision in both color on line. I never really obtained it anyway, and it just hindered my work and creativity.

      Isn’t it funny how artists rarely see their work through the eyes of the observer? This was on my refrigerator for almost 2 weeks while I scrutinized it daily for small changes I could make. Finally, endowed with a small bit of courage, I posted it.

      Painting and visual arts are my passion, but they are the creative part of me I am most unsure about. I can write, and feel words come easily with less internal criticism, but I derive less joy from them. Maybe it’s because I was praised more for my writing as a child, although I hate to believe such direction so greatly influences the course of our adult years.

      Ironically, I followed neither the course of visual or literary arts, and became an RN; squelching all creativity in favor of the hard facts of math, science, medicine, and emergency room patient outcomes.

      Just recently, out of misery, I decided to pursue my creativity and trust my path to the Great Creator. Only He knows what lies ahead!

    • Thank you, thank you! I always love yours. Bright and colorful and distinctive. If i scroll down my reader, I can usually pick out you’re work without looking at the blog title!

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