Unlike What I Am….

Unlike what I eat, I am not what I photograph!  Or write, or draw, or paint, or sing.  I am drawn to subjects for symmetry, shadow, color, form, frame, feeling, and a level of interest that still leaves me relatively detached from what I capture or relay.  Mostly.

What I mean to say is that I do not photograph tombs because I wish to be beneath the soil – although little parts of us die and new parts are reborn daily.  I do not photograph fruit because I am fruity – not usually.  Loopy perhaps.  As an instrument for the Great Creator, I capture what He has shown me to be beautiful.

The cemetery is history sleeping, names of generations brushed over by mossy soil and damp leaves, and markers weathered over and fallen – forgotten.  I marvel at the silence and peace.  There is something beautiful in repose, in the promise of eternity.

Take a look at my recent photographs to see the beauty I mean.

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