It’s back!

…. And there came a time when nothing she was doing here was right with her spirit.  Upon the paper, behind the lens, with each click of the keyboard she was pouring out already empty compartments.  You would think you would gain more substance once the carrier was empty.  You would think you would get to the meat of the stuff.  


You would be wrong.  Where the substance ends, the subtle lies and makeshift stuff begins.  You know it when you see it.  You know it when you feel it.  When she dug deeper, the pencil, the click, the keystroke hit like a scalpel stabbing bone.  Grinding and screeching.  So much more ear clenching than nails on the proverbial board.  So much more catastrophic than late night snoring with two hours to sleep. 

So much more… meaningless.  And now?  We will see.  There are no promises here in this rotting world, no assurance except eternal life.  Where then will I go?  What then shall I do?  We will see.  My faith is in Him. 

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