3 thoughts on “Ok Maximus…. did you at least save the mail??

    • Thank you! I love their personalities too. Our newest addition is a four pound Chihuahua who is terrified of the camera! You would think I was pointing a bow and arrow at him! Being so small, he has the advantage of hiding in much smaller spaces than what my camera and I can fit into! I’m determined to get one, even if I must dress in cammo and lie in wait!

      • Chihuahuas are the fiercest dogs on earth. They will take on a 200-lb. German Shepherd with such confidence that the shepherd starts to doubt himself. They also have their fears and they can be silly things, such as sneezing. We once had one that tinkled every time someone sneezed, but met his death taking on a neighbors Doberman. Star saw himself as ten feet tall, poor thing. I can’t wait to see photos of your little guy.

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