6 thoughts on “8.28.5

  1. There are two things that I really like in this photo. 1: The contrast in light and shadow in the tree in the foreground. 2: The diagonal leading line in the trees in the background. All in all I like this photo a lot.

    • I really appreciatr your insight. I had focused on the shadow in the foreground, but I don’t think I had payed much attention to the diagional leading line except for an overall final view. I know that leading lines make a person move around the whole picture, and not just focus on a central part only. I will have to give more thought to composition where that is concerned. Thank you!

    • Oh my gosh! I just imagine a peaceful picnic or sitting under that tree and getting lost in a book. When I processed this, it remimded me of a fairytale. Thank you!

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