5 thoughts on “9.13.2 Becca

  1. I had a very similar impression as Pankaj. Becca has the face of trusting anticipation. There isn’t an ounce of doubt in her expectancy. This was an awesome canine reminder of the attitude to which I often need to find my way back. It’s that faith and trust that give Becca the face not only of anticipation, but of knowing… When we know we are loved, I think we can find our way to looking into the world that way each morning.

    Another beautiful image! Michael

    • Michael, another detailed and insightful response. I really look forward to hearing from you. I was thinking, only but 2 hours ago, how my relationship with my team of dogs brings me back to God. They are each so diffrent, yet I love them all the same. They rely on me for all their needs, protection, and well-being – as do I God. They tust me with all they are, like I strive to do each day with my Lord. They want to be near to me in anyway possible, and they look to me for guidance. When they do something wrong, I still love them. All these things are true of my relationship with God. Someone once said “You can’t spell dog without God.” They are truly a blessing that serves as a reminder of His love.

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