8 thoughts on “9.13.3 Maximus

        • He didn’t have a chance of being behind! He was the only pup out of the litter that I picked up who gave me a kiss smack on my nose. He slept between our pillows for a while – when he was 9 lbs. Now, at over 200, he still tries to! I think he was the only brindle out of the litter.

          • Even when they get big they remain our babies…You are lucky to have him in your life…It is really sweet to know how he came to you…I am smiling right now as I am typing…..:)

            • I just read your about page, and looked through your photographs. Very nice! It’s good that you are a man with many interests! I never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs, and I never trust a person my dogs don’t like. They have that intuitive sence born of wanting to protect us. They are amazing gifts, creatures of unconditional love and absolute forgiveness. I’ve always said that I have more empathy for animals than most people.

              • I agree completely…Every word….I know a true story about a body who suffered severe abuse from his uncle…His uncle was a pedophile who preyed on his own nephew…The boy couldn’t say anything to his parents for fear of retribution…

                There was a TV show recently where he spoke openly…When he was asked how he coped with so much pain he replied “By getting the strength and love from his German Shepard who used to sit and lie by his side all night as he lay on his bed crying in pain”
                For you information, the uncle passed away in Thailand two years back…He was cremated there as his body was not claimed by anyone…He died of AIDS..

                • Oh dear Lord! I hope the boy did not aquire aids. I have endured some recent significant pain and trauma very similar to your story. I have broken down at times in painful memories or panic attacks, and my mastiff and pitt in particilar will sit on the floor with me nudging me and kissing me incessantly until I end up laughing. My mastiff will come to the bed and press his head down on my pillow in the middle of the night and wake me up from my nightmares. My two small ones will let me hold them and rock them for the longest time if I am crying in bed, kissing me and pressing their little faces against mine the whole while. They are so intuitive and an amazimg source of love and unchanging compassion..

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