You’re in for a treat! (Milk-bone)




Hey blog family!  You are in for a treat over the next few days.  I’ve been working on some portrait and candid photographs of our dog sled team.  Not really, but I think we’re almost close enough in number!

Desi is the really fat chihuahua with one lazy eye.  You’ll know him in the pictures because he always looks dejected.  We make ourselves feel better about his obesity by telling ourselves he’s half dachshund.  But really, he likes to lay in our smallest dog’s bed, muffin top overflowing the sides.  He’s a cuddler, but not much else!  He was the first addition to our family.  He slinks around the kitchen whenever I am cooking just praying that I will drop anything he can devour.  I have seen him inhale pieces of food that would take you and I a while to work on.  Of course, he has the heart of a lion and would defend our home to the end.  When he’s really at it, he gets an entire mohawk going on. From the top of his head to the tip of his tail!

Next is Becca.  We changed her name from Back Up (?!) when we rescued her.  She is a sweet, sweet red-nosed pittbull sans cropped ears and tail.  We enjoy that her ears are uncropped as she expresses so much emotion with them.  She loves stalking our Mastiff and puts up a good fight although he is more than three times her weight.  She hates lying on the floor, barks at the sky during thunderstorms, and will knock things over to be pet.  She uses her paws like hands and my husband and I swear that she has retractable, opposable thumbs.  One night I came downstairs after she was looking for a midnight snack.  All the bottom drawers were pulled out and the lazy susan was pushed open.  I was convinced we had poltergeist until we caught her in action.

Our next addition is our Old English Mastiff.  He has a bark that will make you soil your pants, but whimpers and bays at the door like a baby as soon as we pull into the driveway.  Seriously, we can hear him before we open the car doors.  He has been mistaken for a bear in our neighborhood at just over 200 lbs.  He loves squeaky toys that are meant for our little dogs, even though he could swallow them whole.  We hide them, and he stares at the area for hours.  He loves to be groomed, and prances around like a prince every time we give him a bath.  He knocks everything in our house over with his tail when he is excited, and has been known to hit my husband in the manly bits when he’s not anticipating it (It’s good to see my husband praying on the floor!)  Thus, his nickname is Smax.  Or sometimes Sir Smax-a-lot.  One year we caught him eating tomatoes off the vine, and soon discovered where all the ripening tomatoes on the windowsill had gone.  I don’t want to talk about the drool.  Let’s just say it’s a trade off for his loyalty and love.

Our very newest and latest addition is our little love Medic.   He’s a true Chihuahua, weighing in at only 4 lbs.  He was taken in from somebody we know who’s hours didn’t allow for the attention he needs and really, really wants!  Medic is quite possibly the happiest dog I have ever met.  I don’t think there is a moment when his tail isn’t moving.  He sleeps with us, usually on my pillow all snuggled against my face.  He has a thing about faces.  We call him velcro dog.  He loves to give kisses, but he wants them in return.  He will turn the side of his face to you, looking at you with just one eye, and attach his face to your lips demanding kisses.  It’s really weird!  He loves to be held on his back like a baby.  He loves to be held period.  While I am cleaning, he lays on the pillows of our couch like the princess and the pea and waits patiently for me to sit down to do some writing so he can snuggle.  His favorite toy is a one inch squeaky duck.  The very same one our Mastiff pines over.

So, that’s our dog family!  I hope you enjoy the pictures, and get a better understanding of them from my descriptions as you view them.

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