Mounted animals and a mural!

Oooh my artistic family!  I am so excited to be working on my first comissioned mural!  A sister of mine recommended me to her boss!  He’s quite the avid hunter, and I’m doing a habitat scene where he took down two bobcats.  It’s  about a 100 sq foot mural.  I’ve almost finished blocking in the colors.  He has a lot of contacts and many visitors, so this could be a good opportunity for me, God willing!   So those of you who pray, keep me in your prayers, and those of you who don’t  – pray anyway!

PS.  I’m  a little freaked out by the mounted and stuffed animals everywhere.  EVERYwhere. There is one bear in particular that seems to stare me down every time I step back to see where I’m at!  Creeeepy!





2 thoughts on “Mounted animals and a mural!

    • I will! I’m still blocking in colors, so I’ll post my progress once it doesnt look like an unfinished paint by numbers! Thank you for the encouragement!

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