Just two reaons I love my dogs –



1.  Empathy: My Mastiff had his back to me while I was making coffee.  As I quickly  spun around, all too eager to get my first cup going, I managed to spill a fair amount of water on the floor.  Max looked behind him with the investigate look only a Mastiff can have, looked at the water on the floor, and looked back up at me.  His facial doggie telepathy told me – “Don’t worry Mom, I’ve messed the floor before too.  You should try going out more often.”

2.  Things could always be worse:  My husband accidentally bought a roll of one ply toilet paper.  I might have complaimed about it a little bit untill I saw one of my dogs, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, drag her bottom across the driveway to clean her rear.  I guess one ply beats pavement any day of the week!

2 thoughts on “Just two reaons I love my dogs –

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