Okay blog family…..



i get it.  I get it!  I am often jumped and mugged by the inspiration burglars.   Sometimes  I look at my work and wonder what the hell I was thinking.  This mural… oh this mural!  I didn’t want to go today – artistic anxiety?  Creative confusion?  Painters panic?  Mural mayhem?  I dunno.

Anyway, I was scrolling through my reader, hugging my coffee, listening to the birds and traffic.  I know it’s beautiful fall – gorgeous in color, scent, feel.  Glorious Fall.  Thus, lots of photographs of leaves.  Stunning leaves!  Exactly what I need to do on said mural today.  Mixed among the foliage eyecandy – inspirational quotes such as don’t quit…., finish what you started…., you are not perfect!

So yeah.  I’m revved up.  Ready to go.  After this cup of coffee, and maybe another.  And another.  I dont want to fall asleep on the ladder.  My goal?  Take the picture of my progress.  Get it out of the dark.  Get oppinions.  Get my butt moving.  I can do this! 

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