Riddle, me this….

tmp_IMG_20120726_153445-1340842678 How is it that when I searched for “close foreground forest perspective paintings” I got, amidst some valid search results, a picture of a naked (or shirtless) man from chin to navel – taken with a flipped around phone or camera – all decked out in  “Hi, I am looking for a one-nighter” cheesiness?  How?

On that note, I have quite a few posts coming your way.  Stay tuned to Michelle madness!

4 thoughts on “Riddle, me this….

    • It sure is. I have no idea. Scary, right? At least we keep our computer centrally located in the home too – and aside from that, barely allow the kids to use the computer. But still!

  1. Sadly in this technological age the only penalties would appear to be that the post you mention will be deleted ( eventually ) and the offenders will mostly likely post this again in another couple of days or weeks. There is no real penalty for this kind of abuse or behavior. Thankfully the spam filters work well enough that the comments are not similarly abused. There is NOISE on the internet, sometimes much louder than the background forest noises. Now the real question. Will your next post involve a close foreground forest perspective painting? Yes a real one, not the shirtless wonder.

    • LOL. Why yes, it will! I like the “noise” metaphore! THAT I can relate to. Sometimes I’d like to dip my head in a sweet cloud of silence. I usually handle it pretty well until all of a sudden I realize I can’t think straight for all the noise!

      I’ve also come to realize, after a great deal of searching for good music to listen to while painting, I am much more productive, detailed, and “myself” when I paint in silence.

      Some people are uncomfortable with silence, and admittedly, it takes some time to get used to – but I am an only child raised in a quiet home.

      However, in the end – I guess I must suffer the noise to hear the beauty!

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