World War Tree – The Saga Continues


Where I was.  Remember?


Where the cats were mounted.  Come see the miraculous levitating cats.  WTH?  


After my tantrum I printed a photo of my mural and went to town RE-designing a new bottom half of the mural to accommodate the cats.  Translucent parts.  Colored pencils don’t photograph well, especially when you are drawing with them out of anger. Holding them like a knife.


Day 1 Modifications (above)


ImageDay 2 Modifications (above) Woot!  Progress.  I think!  The middle area will be a path, haven’t gone there yet.  I’ve also decided to do pines and add sky instead a just the green canopy.  Sounds like more heartache, but it will easier in the long run!  Praise GOD!!!! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for World War Tree, day 3.  

One thought on “World War Tree – The Saga Continues

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