World War Tree vs. Sky Wars


Hey all!  Remember my roughly sketched out modifications to accommodate the flying cats?  (See above!)  See my previous post for further details on the dilemma.


Day 3 modifications.  Planning for a sky and trail! (See above!)



Day 4 modifications, with and without Bob and Bobette.  Getting there with the sky and trail.

Day 5 modification plan:  Background leaves, finish all tree details, tweak sky and leaves, add hi-lights, finish glazing trail and large tree.

Stay tuned! 


4 more days to finish, and counting!

5 thoughts on “World War Tree vs. Sky Wars

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    • Thank you! I feel like the little engine that could! I’ve done murals before, admittedly nothing to this scale with so much detail. The really cool thing? I have learned so many lessons as an artist. Things I will NEVER forget, for all the time that it cost me! Thank God I can learn from my mistakes!

    • Thank you! It seems at some point, when facing a difficulty, we all break. It just depends if we snap and decide to move forward with a resilient peace, or throw in the towel. Thankfully, praise God, I fell into the first of those categories!

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