Who lives in a pineapple under the tree? Sponge Bob Michelle Pants!

Who lives in a pineapple under the tree?  Yes!!  I’m going batty!

I spent most of the day sponging.  Yes, sponging.  It’s something I’ve never done, and quite frankly something I was opposed to doing.  I guess I had envisioned old murals in high school with the cheesy sponging to represent trees and such.  That’s not the case, and if I weren’t trying like hell to finish this by Saturday, I doubt I would have tried. 

I actually had fun experimenting with the sponging.  Mixing colors, light touches, presses, twists, dabs, undertones.  It was great!  Also, hold your breath… I stenciled.  I was also opposed to stenciling for the same reasons as above, except I imagined old granny style type stenciling, but I also had a lot of fun with them.  Different positioning, stenciling just parts to add depth… I didn’t even pick up a brush once today, and I think I only did one palate change!  

I guess it’s true.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Or rather, time constraint is the mother of fearlessness!

So, this is where I was yesterday:


And this is where I made it to today:


And a close up of where I worked:



Plan for day 6:  Paint detail leaves in closer perspective, level out trail with rock, add depth and highlights to the trail, keep working on forest ground.  More stenciling to add depth between trees.  Lower the stump because when Bobette is mounted, she looks like she is sitting on a rock on a stump.  Tweak the sky.  Oh sheesh, the rock and the humungo tree to the right.  I might save those for last.

Please!  Feel free to leave input, ideas, or comments!

Much Love!


PS.  If you want to see my progress, click:



And Here




Comment. COMMENT! Did that work? If not, please comment!

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