Feeling catty…..


DEEP breath!  This is my work on the 7th (above!) And….



Yesterday’s work – with and without Bob and Bobette.

Today’s plan:  Details, depth on the rock, greenery on the forest floor.  Letting some more light in on the sky, and incorporating more leaves on the trees.  I have to take care of that branch tangle/confusion on the top left.  I need to finish up the right side of the Judas tree to the left (the huge one for those of you who are unfamiliar with my names!).  Also, I need to add a little more shadow and highlights across the trees for the sunlit effect.  Finally – I’m going to throw in some random forest flowers to add some colors other than every spectrum of brown, grey, and green!  My hope is to prime the bottom of the wall (section you’ve not seen), and paint it the solid color requested.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get both coats on.  Then?  DONE!!!!!!  I swear.  Done.  

That being said.  I’m already starting another mural next week!  I can’t wait to get my head out of trees!  And no.  It’s not 100 sq feet.

3 thoughts on “Feeling catty…..

    • Almost done! Question is, is it finished? Or am I finished? Doesn’t matter! I’m calling it done. I’m posting pictures later of my last two days of work before I go and finish the details tonight. It looks really good with the tape down!

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