A call to comment!


I couldn’t help but to notice the disheartening fact that there is a huge void of comments when I scroll though my reader, looking at my fellow blogger’s postings.  Of course, we all can’t comment on everything,  nor should we.  BUT – if you stumble across a posting that’s obviously taken a great deal of effort and time – comment!  Like it too, sure – but also comment.  You need not write a comment that is as lenghty or well compiled as the original author, but say something.  Something.  Don’t you expect the same when you put time, thought, and feeling behind a post.  I do!  Or am I that far out there?

Here is the point.  We want to keep WP a place of quality postings.  If we slack on engaging each other, we risk loosing people who work hard to reach their readers.  I dunno.  Too much?

19 thoughts on “A call to comment!

  1. Totally agree with you! As new bloggers, it’s wonderful to have feedback on our blog, know if others enjoy what we’re doing. We appreciate each and every comment, and we comment often on others. Otherwise it just becomes lazy, like Facebook likes…. some click like without even opening the page. Thanks for your post! ~SueBee

  2. This is a thought-provoking post. The WP reader recently made it easier to comment on a post, directly, and I thought the comments on my blog would go up, too. I try to be a good comment-leaver and I have noticed not everyone reciprocates. So I just keep trying to “walk the walk” and put out what I hope to receive…one day it will pay off? ;oP I will say, though, I am happy for any foot traffic; even “just the likes.”

    • Oh yes! I don’t want to knock the foot traffic at ALL. I LOVE to know that people were there, looking at what I have done, and LIKING it! Just…. a step further? Oh, and yes, you have been a great commenter!

  3. Hmmm… I have about 5 comments across my three blogs , does get a bit disheartening, “likes” are cool, comments are better 🙂 So consider me commented

      • Don’t we need a flag or a slogan or something if we’re going to start a revolution…? Something like “a comment is for blog, not just for youtube”, or “doesn’t your blog deserve comment”

        • “This is your blog. This is your blog on comments.” “YES WE COMMENT!!.” “whhhere’ss the comment?” “Save a blog, make a comment!” “I’ll gladly comment Tuesday for a comment made today.” Oh, I could go on and on. So I’ll spare you and stop right now!

Comment. COMMENT! Did that work? If not, please comment!

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