The Great Catsby!



Where I was:


Where I was next:  Took care of the branch confusion on the left, made space for more sky, more shading on the rock, and darkened the Judas tree to the right.Image

And then I was:  Finished the sky addition, greenery addition to the right between the trees and behind the rock.  Shading and highlighting the rock.  Yeah, I agree.  It looked better before, but when I’m done – it will have been worth the step backwards!  Removed the tape!  The last picture is far back so you can get a perspective to the size.



And next I’ll be:


I did some work yesterday.  I forgot my camera card.  Really Michelle?  I worked on some finer details, painting the bottom wall, lining, branch additions, and perspective tweaking!  By some work I mean 7 hours worth of work!  Today.  Yes folks, today!  Today I will be finished and collect money for services rendered!  Can I get a heck yeah!  I will post yesterday’s work and the finished mural later today!  Today’s plan:  Finer details: lining trees, ground shading, paint lower wall, adding some light flowers for the Mrs, 

Next?  I am making an addition to a mural I did a year ago.  Stay posted!

And then?  I might have an offer for another habitat mural.  Large.  Like this one.  But, the person lives out of state so I have to look into the logistics of either traveling or other options such as large canvases.  


6 thoughts on “The Great Catsby!

    • LOL. Wait till you see the finished pic, Gives a better perspective on the actual size. I will probably post at 3 ish when my insomnia hits! I have one of me standing next to it. Even I didn’t realize how big it was until I looked at the pic, I spend so much time right up on it, I lost perspective! Thank you for your comment, love.

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