As a child and young adult, I was highly disorganized and survived flying by the seat of my pants. Honestly, just by the britches. As an adult, I need more – at least a pair of suspenders and granny panties.

I’m not a clean freak. Seriously, I just looked up, and I think my ceiling fan is growing a fur coat. However, the idea that my wooden beads are spending the night in the same drawer as my paint makes me sweat. My stencils are in the drawer with my glue gun. I think. That makes no sense!

And where the hell are my scissors?

And selling at a flea market? Well…..

It’s what’s causing this mass chaos. At least it put a fire under my pants. And suspenders. And granny panties.





One thought on “Twitching!

  1. One of my passions in life has been woodworking. I spent an eternity in my woodshop designing and building unique wooden accessories for the home. I used to take them in the trunk of my car to flea markets to attempt to sell some. There’s nothing more frustrating than selling your wares openly to the public. They’re rude, crude and certainly don’t appreciate craftsmanship. I got sick and tired of hearing about items at WalMart or K-Mart selling for less than I was asking. I decided to stick to my shop and trying to make myself a salesman, otherwise I’d start killing my potential customers for free. 🙂

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