What have I been up to?

The rose spheres each take about 100ish roses to complete. Time consuming, but I think they will make beautiful ornaments. In one I painted the edges of the roses gold. I was surprised how well it showed. Well worth the effort.


These are kusudama balls. They are Japanese medicine balls which were used to ward off evil and illness in ancient times. This is just one variation, and there are many beautiful types to be made. Today they are used mainly as gifts and decorations. Each flower consists of 5 petals. Each medicine ball for this model has 12 flowers. To me it represents how it takes many parts to construct a whole.


More blank vases ready to go! I’m itching to paint them!


6 thoughts on “What have I been up to?

    • Excellent! I still have to get a photograph of them hanging. The reception was great! I spoke for about 20 minutes, and answered questions for about 10 more. Everybody was so warm and inviting, it was truly a wonderful experience! I am showing there again in February!

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