Perfection is the enemy…

We find inspiration in those who love and care for us, those who support what we need and who we are – those that encourage us to jump over the little puddles that seem like oceans. My friend Ranae has found that support in the love and encouragement of her boyfriend. They are a phenomenal couple and great inspiration to me as well. See what she has learned about perfection and where that lesson has taken her in her art and life.

Ranae' Art Begins in the Heart

I have the most wonderful & inspiring boyfriend ever. Very shortly after we met he gave me a phrase that has helped me over and over again. It is a phrase that I have shared with many others also.

You see I have for so many years struggled with not feeling good enough. It could be the simplest of mishaps and my reaction would be one of extreme failure. My world would threaten to tumble down on me over something as simple as having forgotten to buy milk. Ok so I may be dramatizing a little bit, but not by much. The point is though that I often went to him feeling as if I had failed in some monumental way, when to him it was nothing more than a tiny bump in the road.

He sat me down and talked at length with me about this and then gaveā€¦

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