It’s been a while, hello again!


It happens.  Sometimes like a miracle.  Sometimes like a sickness.  But thankfully it happens.  We hold onto it.  We recover from it.  And we grow.

I’ve never dealt well with change.  I’ve always been the stick my head in the sand kind of girl, and feel the world breeze by.  And life has been all about change lately.  Good and bad.  But I’ve chosen to embrace the good and acknowledge the bad so I can move on.

My art has suffered dramatically though these last two years.  I’m at a good place now where I can recognize that it doesn’t mean I’m a bad artist, rather that my art is driven my certain factors in my life – safety being one of them.   And I’ve spent a lot of time in the recent past feeling unsafe and uncertain.

But now I am learning to leave those factors and habits behind that bring me down and crush my art heart.  I suffer doubly when I allow negative influences engulf me because not only am I in a bad space personally, but also it then inhibits my creative expression.

So I choose good for myself and those around me.

Live and learn.

So here are some of the pieces I’ve been working on the past few months as the dust has settled around me with the help and encouragement of my good friend and inspirational artist Ranae Davidson.

Love.  Heal.  Create.

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